healingDuring the just ended Catch The Fire Conference, Charles Chiyangwa was delivered from his urinal blockage disease. The man of God Apostle T. Vutabwashe declared unto him that all his doors would open and indeed the  declaration came to pass barely a week after the conference when he was promoted to personnel clerk at local security company. He had been serving as a security guard at the company for the past three years but of late  was just a spare guard with no specified duties as a result of prolonged illness.... read more

FinalMiss Thelma Mupfururi (21) was going about her daily routine at her flea market stand at Copa Cabana in the CBD of Harare when she fell and sustained injuries in her left leg and could not walk. Also as a result of the fall she lost her speech. She was first located by the anointing, Apostle T. Vutabwashe when she was entering the auditorium at I.O.C. Thelma had to be carried to her sit by her family and friends as she could not walk on her own. The man of God prayed for her and she received her healing INSTANTLY! She can now walk without assistance and her speech was restored

Apostle T. Vutabwashe

Leadership principles are universal meaning they can be applied everywhere. The principle of negotiation is Biblical, prayer is negotiation with God. It depends with how you look at it, but if you are business minded you will discover the skill. The problem is we have made prayer a religious thing and not a practical skill of negotiation.

Our thinking has to be transgenerational and wide open, we are too staple in our approach.It's African problem of not passing a good legacy to generations that come. We lack the spirit of grooming to multiply the fruits of our Leadership to other generations (No succession model).We have a problem of putting all efforts in the current hiding secrets from the next generation.