MG 7012 115 solid years without a child and the anointing breaks the yoke of childlessness!!! Mrs Kabudura from Chabwino zone was able to finally hold her very own baby girl. After suffering a total of three miscarriages, a declaration made by the anointed Man of God broke the series, put a stop to the track record of miscarriages. Apostle T. Vutabwashe declared ‘you shall hold your baby’ and behold Mrs Kabudura is now the proud mother of a baby girl.

 MG 6992 1
Mr. Edson Musariri became a new convert on Sunday 10th of January 2016.This was a day
 before the 21 days of prayer and fasting began.Within only five days of prayer he bought a commuter omnibus through a divine connection and the combi began to operate.Miraculously after two weeks of buying the communter ominibus, the father of the man who sold him the combi gave him $100 000 to start a business. He had already done a project proposal for the business.He is now ready to start this new business project after receiving the money through the anointing of the man of God Apostle T. Vutabwashe..

DSC 0104Luke17 vs 11-19

Matthew 8 vs 4

Jesus used the way between Samaria and Galilee, where he saw a village of lepers, he chose to pass by this area where he met 10 lepers who asked him for mercy. He looked at them and told them to go and show themselves to the priests. Upon following the instruction one of the lepers checked himself and discovered that he had been healed. God is going to do something in your life that you have been waiting for. Jesus passed through a risky place, a place where it is advised not to pass by, this is the route he chose. He was asked for mercy but Jesus gave them an instruction instead. God shows His mercy to you through an instruction. The leper who discovered he had been healed came back to Jesus immediately. Jesus instead of celebrating, He asked where the rest of the lepers were...Read More