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July 2014 Theme

September 2014 theme - The month of Divine Visitations

In the month of September heaven will surely visit you. connect yourself to receive Divine Visitations

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Catch the Fire - 2014 : Salvation Package

Catch the Fire - 2014 : Salvation Package Don't miss and make an apointment with God this is your season

june 2013 theme

From Open Gates to Divine Speed

Its from Glory to Glory. from Open Gates to acceleration at Divine Speed

june 2013 theme

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2014 Believers' Assignment

These assignments should be fulfilled in the year 2014. Accomplishment is a sign of submission and will work towards your establishment and spiritual growth in the Lord.


Total Surrender by Apostle T. Vutabwashe at IOC, White Sunday 29 June 2014.

---The truth is today’s people unless you promise them something they don’t pray. They are connected to God by material things not by the love to God. If you take away their problems you have taken away their prayer life.
-Zachariah and Elizabeth were serving God under Herod, and you would find them in the church. Their CV had been put across, as far as following the commandments and ordinances of God they were blameless.
-These two were righteous before God and before man, there is righteousness before God and righteousness before man, these two are totally different.
-Upon having no children they where still sincerely serving God. The bible did not say but they had no child it says” and they had no child”. Which means they were not serving for child; they were comfortably serving God without a child.
-Sarah was barren and it was never a family issue. Are you able to worship with negatives around you. would you stay with your wife comfortably if she was barren.
-Not having material things should not take away your faith, it should ... <<Read' More>>

Mbare Clean up campaign - 9 August 2014

Catch the Fire Chatsvaa! Cleanliness is next to Godliness...... Mbare Musika was a hive of activity on 9 August 2014 as the brand ambassador's held a clean up campaign for Catch the Fire 2014......

mothers day

Deliverance of a lady Austinar Mahlakanipeni - Sunday , 30 March 2014 at IOC.

Deliverance of a lady Austinar Mahlakanipeni, 22 years of age.
She had a chest condition for the past month, and also she was suffering from severe period pains since she was 17 years of age but by a touch of Jesus Christ through the man of God Apostle T. Vutabwashe, she is now free!!!! Jesus is the same yesterday, today & forever!Austinah Deliverance

Instant Healing Miracle on Obediah Maburutse - Sunday , 23 March 2014 at IOC.

Mr Obediah Maburutse received a miracle healing, he was diagnosed of Ascites of the pulmonery (liver-related problem).
Apostle T. Vutabwashe picked him from the crowd and prayed for him. He was given a bottle of water to drink to confirm if he was really healed, he drank and confirmed the healing. For the past year since he was diagnosed of the disease, he was not able to drink fluids without his stomach swelling. Glory to God!!obediah Maburutse healing

News & Announcements

- Anointing Night - 26 September 2014

- Parents Day - 28 September 2014

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