Apostle T. Vutabwashe

Leadership principles are universal meaning they can be applied everywhere. The principle of negotiation is Biblical, prayer is negotiation with God. It depends with how you look at it, but if you are business minded you will discover the skill. The problem is we have made prayer a religious thing and not a practical skill of negotiation.

Our thinking has to be transgenerational and wide open, we are too staple in our approach.It's African problem of not passing a good legacy to generations that come. We lack the spirit of grooming to multiply the fruits of our Leadership to other generations (No succession model).We have a problem of putting all efforts in the current hiding secrets from the next generation.


Obediah Maburutse

Mr Obediah Maburutse received a miracle healing, he was diagnosed of Ascites of the pulmonery (liver-related problem).
Apostle T. Vutabwashe picked him from the crowd and prayed for him. He was given a bottle of water to drink to confirm if he was really healed, he drank and confirmed the healing. For the past year since he was diagnosed of the disease, he was not able to drink fluids without his stomach swelling. Glory to God!


Deliverance of a lady Austinar Mahlakanipeni, 22 years of age.
She had a chest condition for the past month, and also she was suffering from severe period pains since she was 17 years of age but by a touch of Jesus Christ through the man of God Apostle T. Vutabwashe, she is now free!!!! Jesus is the same yesterday, today & forever!

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